Friday, 15 November 2013

Its OK!

 And so, I havn’t visited my favourite place of hibernation in a long time now. No confusions and misunderstandings here. Yesss I meant my blog!!

Well lets just say, I was busy. Not true though!
I was travelling. Definitely a lie!
I had too much work… uhmm partially true!
Okay I accept I’ve become too lazy now… Beep beep and the buzzer goes out loud, Yesss you are plain simple LAZY!

To all those people who comment on it and read it, I can’t thank you enough. You are my only source of inspiration to cut off some slack and spend sometime with myself out here.  :*

Soooo, right now I am going through a phase called dealing with life.

To that I may add that all I am learning about it, is that everyday, every experience and every situation is just “OK”.
For instance,
Its OK to get bashed by your boss, you might feel insulted and kicked at the backside and would want to quit your job and swear out loud. But, the next day when you get to see your colleague getting the same sweet doze, the sadistic pleasure calms you down saying its ok to get scolded,  “everyone does”.

Its OK to work 12 hours and not get appreciated or lets say even more than 12 hrs sometimes and yes I like exaggerating many a times for some self pity.
You come across those labours who demand for overtime or stay up all night to work only to get that extra upcharge to feed their families and you realise you’re no match.

Its totally OK, to do something that you didn’t want to do because you still don’t know what you really wanna do. You know what???  Its better than sitting idle and one day you will find out what you really wanna do because by that time, you would have done everything and not left anything to not know.

I don’t want to really rant about the issues in life this moment but yes my learnings boils down to one thing ie “Everyday is a new story, a new chapter and a new start”

Today I learnt or rather I am learning that everything comes down to it being OK and everything you do,  is everything everyone has done in their lives at one point of time or another. So you belong to the sane category and even if you didn’t, it still is OK. :P

Yes, time flies but then there is also a saying that time heals everything so you just need to chill and not take everything so seriously as its just “OK” and later too everything will be “OK”.
Cheers to OKness!