Thursday, 27 June 2013

A happy Average!

Why do you shy,
Why do you fear.
Do you not wish to fly,
Live your dreams my dear.

Amidst the crowd bustling with grades, with one mark above and below being the cause of pride and death, there stands someone who is celebrating only because he/she merely passed. Those who scored 98% are causing depression to 95% holders and 80% is not considered a standard anymore.

Creating a benchmark has become the only goal in everyone’s life these days. Parents already decide their kid’s future, kids strive hard to live up to their expectations weaving their dream into reality.

For those who you think have way far more intellect than you, those who work 14 hours a day and earn a bomb, those who have travelled around the world, those who you think know a lot, be happy for them not envious.
You receive when you give. When you don’t think ill of other’s is when you attain wisdom.

Perhaps you’re not as sharp as others but you could be suave, you might not be as rich but you could be brave.

It’s okay to not get things at one go, does not certify you as dumb. It’s completely fine to earn half as much as amongst your peers, does not make you poor and its okay to not have the same luxuries as others.

If someone tries to bog you down by calling you dumb, you don’t have to think low of yourself because you know they are no one to judge as they didn’t bring you up.

You’re bad at something they’re good at but are they good at the things you’re best at?

One day maybe you’ll be as rich, as smart, as powerful as them but I plead you to not lose the respect you have. Aggression and insensitivity is wrapped around and sunk into the blood of those who are at  positions now and however insane it sounds but the truth is yes they scorn the noble souls who brought them in this world, the reason of their existence, “Their Parent’s”

Right now, you’re not where they are but you do have an option of becoming what they are by simple hardwork but they in no possibility can become what you are.

Being an average does not stop you from being who you are!
You are wise, sensitive, sweet, forgiving you spend time with parents receive their blessings, you preach god, you know intellect is not inborn but comes with knowledge, reading and practice, you are fun, people love to hang out with you, you are hilarious, you are smart in your head irrespective of what others think of you because you know and believe you’re good and one day you will make it big without budging from your dignity and self esteem.

I am a happy Average! Are you?


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Days of our Lives-DPS Noida, This one’s for YOU!

Going back in time and remembering the times when we always wanted to grow up as kids in school and wanted to get rid of the whole beset of studying, giving exams going for tuitions competing with every student in the class to score better.
Who knew then, that our once whimsical big pool of illusion will be shattered when we’ll  finish our education and the dreamy bubble will burst with a realization ,“What  a stupid idea it was to grow up” as soon as we start working …..
Age should just stop when you’re 19, not that you don’t enjoy after  but yes, finishing  your “Teen” age feels like a nightmare for all, including me. And yes, falling in the same category and regretting what I said before about school, I am left with no option but to cherish the good old rather gold days spent in school.
Starting with those days when school lasted just a few hours, when all we had to do was write Abcd properly and color within lines, when lunch was in the dining hall and the uniforms with belts so that they don’t fall. When aaya didi’s used to sharpen our pencils and we walked in lines  with one arm distance holding the shoulders. When PT period was about playing games and wearing white shoes was compulsory. When the first English song we heard was I am a Barbie girl for girls and Le copa de la vida maria  by Ricky Martin for boys. When getting artbook was mandatory else a term which was the most exciting and fun thing in high school was once called the most embarrassing thing ie “Punishment”. When swimming was in the junior  swimming pool and deep side used to be scary added with stories like creepy monsters are going to come take you away. When annual functions used to be all about colorful costumes and Christmas nightstay’s  were looked forward the most. When bonfires used to be the best part and PT teacher’s played the fake santa..  :P
When class 5th felt like a senior class courtesy shifting from junior wing to senior wing and the first pen ever used was  a Pilot V5. When summer camps became the new buzz and assemblies a torture must.
When friends drifted apart as German,Sanskrit,French came along  giving terms to  A and B section kids as cool and the rest nerds... LOL!
When we suddenly grew up and the skirt length reduced ,the pants became baggy. Washrooms became the hotspot for girls and the boys were no more shabby.
When once the rule of having joint seats having a boy and a girl sitting together was broken as generally after 6th grade guys and girls sign the peace treaty :P…  
When the pathway from the basketball court till the hostel became the stroll area for lovers and  behind the Gandhi statue were rumours spread by duffers. The well area was considered haunted and bunking every class was the most wanted. When practicing in the band room or developing fake asthma were the best excuses for bunking assembly.  When Thunder was the best music festival having cute guys and girls from various schools coming. :p
When 50 rupees were more than enough to carry and chole kulche and icecream were a treat.  When yellow cards became the means to scare and children couldn’t resist to dare.
When the last day of the annual exams, beginning of the summer and winter vacations was enthralling and 14 years were pure “Heaven”
Then came Christmas holidays, the last holidays as we reckoned, class 12th was our last stop and the idea of growing up totally got flopped!

And as the days go by slowly we miss school even more,
Cuz school was one place we enjoyed  to the core!
To All the teachers of DPS Noida, for pretending to be ignorant at times so that kids could enjoy and the journey in DPS wouldn’t have been fun if you weren’t there.
& Most importantly,
To all those people who had their share of fun in a place called paradise also called DPS Noida!