Friday, 5 April 2013

It all lies in you!

You’ve been there, I have been there, We all have, been there.

The Dark times, days when you felt bogged down by everyone, when your pride was smashed by mere words of the opponent, when you got frustrated by every single thing,  infuriated and bursted out in tears within seconds.

Samantha was in the same situation, like all of us.
She left her job because she didn’t like it and in return sat home jobless for months all together, her love life had hit the rocks, her parents thought she was useless, and Yes, for how long will your friends give you their shoulder and motivational stuff like don’t worry , it’ll all be alright. After a while, her friends stopped responding to her calls/messages because obviously its human nature to get bugged by someone who just calls you to cry out loud about how miserable her/his life is and how God was unfair to them and how they are allergic to good luck.

After all the litany of thinking, since that’s the only thing she could do while she sat at home all this long, she came to one conclusion.

Its said an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, and how far it held in Sam’s life was on her to decide. It’s funny how the human brain is mired, how your thoughts shift from Positive to Maybe to Negative to Evil.

SUICIDE, is the first option everyone thinks of during these times but Sam had managed to believe somehow that she Can and she Will. It’s not the right time for her to die and let go of her life in vain.

So, she decided to try her hands on the famous saying of being positive, how positive thoughts get passed on to the universe and in return everything starts working in your favour.

Her first agenda being the most obvious and important was, getting a job herself instead of relying upon her friends. Within a few days after facing people hanging up on her, getting back no reverts, personally going up to people nevertheless, she did manage to get a job.

She started diligently working on it, setting goals one by one. There was no looking back as she didn’t want to budge from her aspirations anymore.

She followed her heart and now she’s a happily married business woman having a loving family and being appreciated by all.

                            Besides all this, she learnt a very big lesson in life….

Nobody knows you better than yourself,  You know you can and should believe you will.
You think your fat, work out and lose weight to look nice, you think you don’t speak well then debate with yourself against the mirror till the time you gain confidence, you think your dumb then read,learn and educate yourself so that nobody thinks low of you.

You have a problem, solve it yourself instead of sulking about it and telling others.

This is for all those who have been Once, Are or will be the Samantha in your life.

Good times don’t roll if you haven’t gone through bad times!