Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Moment!

The moment has finally come as I declare to thee,
How you managed to turn around the world for me.
To the person I knew way back from class Nursery.
Has become my life now I wish you Happy Anniversary.
The little things you do from a wish to coming all the way,
It touches every ounce of my soul I trust you wouldn’t betray.
To start with your patient dealing with my unreasonable crimes,
Torturing you to the hilt and a lot of pain at times.
You don’t need to do much your one touch is enough,
Even a day without seeing your face seems so tough.
I am amazed how you do so much just for my one smile,
To return the same happiness I would walk an extra mile.
The umpteen times you please me by your words play,
Your cute childish antics including self obsession makes my day,
The thought only kills me of ever staying apart,
Because from the deepest core you purely rule my heart.
From the little quarrels to the war of words so alarming,
Sweet talks still wins over as you’re my Prince Charming.
I promise to stay by you in days of good, bad and old,
Our love is by far the best like shining pure gold.
And I didn’t say all this before what I poured out all above,
As I waited for this moment just to surprise you My Love!