Wednesday, 6 February 2013

This & That!!!

A wonder, a thought so callous I dropped,
To know if I am what I think I am.
To sometimes in the night I simply can’t sleep,
The dreamy world I am in where enemies only weep.
Is it only me who fails to surrender,
A mixture of brain rake by a nerve blender.
Happy opposites sad, confused or silent,
Swaying each day or does it come to violent.
I laugh out so loud that sometimes I cry,
Free falling I wish, in the head I fly.
To the upset I smile, to go beyond that mile,
Who are you really? Did you ever wish to think,
Ofcourse a girl came the answer without even a blink.
To the shoe she loved she saw that day,
When savings came in hand, the pretty bag came in the way.
The calories she gains by the sizzling chocolate cake,
The guilt calls she receives immediately after the intake.
The secret she keeps inside never really longs,
As girl gang gossips that always prolongs.
To the puppy face she makes when shopping with dad,
When returns home fears mom, woah my bad.
To the No she regrets, when later she dreams Yes,
How smartly she sticks with Maybe shooing away the poor Baby.
The numerous times in her head she would prepare.
Just to say Hi to the cute guy whose aware.
Fitting into that glamorous dress she so wishes,
Even at the cost of cleaning millions of dishes.
She finally knocks God’s door to ask for a clue,
He caresses her saying Chill Sweety You’re nothing but just YOU!