Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Wavering Mind!

The inconsequential thoughts that do the wandering,
As boredom being the root cause triumphs.
How precisely evil does the slaughtering,
Bullets for the innocent deaf is similar to chimes.
Credits to the demonic brain which has been wired,
Empty mind makes one no less than the handicapped.
To the tunes of trivial rage we are mired,
See how the peaceful soul has collapsed.
Thou dare not sit idle as it shall come to you,
It affected the many impressionable in the past.
I warn you as there are millions in the queue,
Consider my concern as it won’t last.
Shall fight till the end as I just won’t surrender,
Even if the majority of inglorious pervades.
How can u let someone steal your thunder,
Love brings up the beauty and the ugly slowly fades!