Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Unsatisfactory Satisfaction!

What looks easy to someone maybe the toughest task to the person who is doing it.

Who looks successful to you might be the most unsuccessful person in his/her personal life.

What you think may not be right and what you know may not be true.

Its really frustrating when this world comprised of a billion people have a thousand billion thoughts running through their brain and you have no control over them. Ofcourse you can’t, you are no friggin God.  Well I bet even God can’t either.

Why is it that you can’t be happy with what you have and you want more and why is it that when you get that, you wanna go back to what you had earlier?

When you have  a job, you don’t feel like working and when you don’t have one, you are frustrated to the hilt.

Why would you choose money over anything even if that work doesn’t give you one micro tiny bit of a joy?

Why would the person you love not understand how much you love that person and he/she is the most important person in his/her life?

Why would you unnecessarily expect things outta people and get disappointed in the end?

And as I have no answer’s to my endless why’s, I drown in somber silence.

What’s really bothering me now is, am I the only intimidated person on this earth who has these tete a tete with my right and left or am I just one of the common few  raking my brains on it?

If you’re one of my kinds then I would just like to give you a hug and advise you to submit yourself to HOPE because this is a phase and THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

As this is what iam doing at the moment!

P.S. listen to this song, iam sure it will bring u some peace!