Tuesday, 29 May 2012



Sometimes comes a day when you have an erratic feeling,
A day when you feel out of place and your head the drilling.
You don’t know what to do, don’t know where to go,
Planning to escape to a place that no one would know.
A horrible mood but no one to blame for it,
Surrounded by million friends yet no ears to hear it.
A thunder of fluttering thoughts creating a brawl inside,
You whirl everywhere feeling numb and unable to hide.
Hurting people is not your intention because you really care,
Sadistic pleasure is the last thought, I bet you wouldn’t even dare.
Sometimes you want to be left alone to a place far away,
Crying seems the best solution when sometimes that day is Today!

Monday, 28 May 2012

If I Could Go Back In Time!

I had just gotten over the fact that school life is over and booooom came the surprise, Hellooo College is over too???? Nooo, this is so not happening….

I wonder how long would this truth finally take to sink in….

Just 4 days to go and I'll officially be working…. Wish I could say this with as much excitement and enthusiasm as people generally say when they are going out for a trip or when their exams are about to get over… God, the thought of being responsible makes my stomach rumble…. How I love setting demands rather than fulfilling them! :p

But as of right now,  my thoughts which are filled with truck loads of pessimism are only battling with one question, that “If you don’t get what you want, something better is in store for you” then why would you say that “All good things come to an end”…. Nomatter what you say, you will contradict the other one for sure.

Is it that something better actually happens with you or you just tend to settle with a hope that someday it would really happen?

While I am trying to find that all elusive piece of mind, I would just like to ask if its normal to get all jittery like the way I am getting or do I just need a dose of optimistic medication?

I miss you School and now College L
Wish I Could Go Back in Time cause if I Could, Hell Definitely I Would!

Peace! <3