Thursday, 22 March 2012


Its so weird how you go back in time when you listen to a song, you once used to listen to, after a really long time. You go back to the day when you first heard it, you can feel exactly how you felt that time, can picture yourself just the way you were that moment.
You can sense the same weather, the same breath the very same air……………

If only memories could leave us with the same convenience as people do..
How I am always taken aback, when I think of how a human brain cannot beat any professional camera. It stores all the pictures with the best possible clarity.

How good memories always take over the bad ones, making it difficult to get over someone despite  knowing, that the person u want is not worth you.

It amazes me all the more when I see how emotions and feelings for  people fade with time but memories never fade nomatter how many years you put into it…

How big events always mess up  inspite of all the preparations or how joyful it is when you pass in an exam when you had expected that you would fail, how little things give you maximum joy and materialistic things end up disappointing you.

How out of nowhere u see a light when darkness makes you suicidal, how hope gets you what you wanted when you give up, how that person calls you when he/she is the least thought in your mind and never called when you were waiting.

How we all think so alike yet dislike each other…. How we live in an illusion!

How we forget the fact that one day we all are going to dissolve into the same earth when we die without considering any caste,colour,religion or region.

How everything is so simple still we make it complicated by falling for the twists and turns that too, created by us only.
And what is even more appalling is how after 3 months, I will be a graduate and busy working but would  badly wanna come back to this moment when I am so vella blogging, picturising myself sitting idle in my pyjamas… :/

While I am in aturmoil busy solving this riddle called Life, i atleast am sure of one thing and that is……
“Live for the moment cuz we will eventually get what we deserve”

So capture all the special moments because whenever you think of them, they'll always bring a smile to your face! Like dis lil baby! ;)