Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Wavering Mind!

The inconsequential thoughts that do the wandering,
As boredom being the root cause triumphs.
How precisely evil does the slaughtering,
Bullets for the innocent deaf is similar to chimes.
Credits to the demonic brain which has been wired,
Empty mind makes one no less than the handicapped.
To the tunes of trivial rage we are mired,
See how the peaceful soul has collapsed.
Thou dare not sit idle as it shall come to you,
It affected the many impressionable in the past.
I warn you as there are millions in the queue,
Consider my concern as it won’t last.
Shall fight till the end as I just won’t surrender,
Even if the majority of inglorious pervades.
How can u let someone steal your thunder,
Love brings up the beauty and the ugly slowly fades!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Unsatisfactory Satisfaction!

What looks easy to someone maybe the toughest task to the person who is doing it.

Who looks successful to you might be the most unsuccessful person in his/her personal life.

What you think may not be right and what you know may not be true.

Its really frustrating when this world comprised of a billion people have a thousand billion thoughts running through their brain and you have no control over them. Ofcourse you can’t, you are no friggin God.  Well I bet even God can’t either.

Why is it that you can’t be happy with what you have and you want more and why is it that when you get that, you wanna go back to what you had earlier?

When you have  a job, you don’t feel like working and when you don’t have one, you are frustrated to the hilt.

Why would you choose money over anything even if that work doesn’t give you one micro tiny bit of a joy?

Why would the person you love not understand how much you love that person and he/she is the most important person in his/her life?

Why would you unnecessarily expect things outta people and get disappointed in the end?

And as I have no answer’s to my endless why’s, I drown in somber silence.

What’s really bothering me now is, am I the only intimidated person on this earth who has these tete a tete with my right and left or am I just one of the common few  raking my brains on it?

If you’re one of my kinds then I would just like to give you a hug and advise you to submit yourself to HOPE because this is a phase and THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

As this is what iam doing at the moment!

P.S. listen to this song, iam sure it will bring u some peace!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012



Sometimes comes a day when you have an erratic feeling,
A day when you feel out of place and your head the drilling.
You don’t know what to do, don’t know where to go,
Planning to escape to a place that no one would know.
A horrible mood but no one to blame for it,
Surrounded by million friends yet no ears to hear it.
A thunder of fluttering thoughts creating a brawl inside,
You whirl everywhere feeling numb and unable to hide.
Hurting people is not your intention because you really care,
Sadistic pleasure is the last thought, I bet you wouldn’t even dare.
Sometimes you want to be left alone to a place far away,
Crying seems the best solution when sometimes that day is Today!

Monday, 28 May 2012

If I Could Go Back In Time!

I had just gotten over the fact that school life is over and booooom came the surprise, Hellooo College is over too???? Nooo, this is so not happening….

I wonder how long would this truth finally take to sink in….

Just 4 days to go and I'll officially be working…. Wish I could say this with as much excitement and enthusiasm as people generally say when they are going out for a trip or when their exams are about to get over… God, the thought of being responsible makes my stomach rumble…. How I love setting demands rather than fulfilling them! :p

But as of right now,  my thoughts which are filled with truck loads of pessimism are only battling with one question, that “If you don’t get what you want, something better is in store for you” then why would you say that “All good things come to an end”…. Nomatter what you say, you will contradict the other one for sure.

Is it that something better actually happens with you or you just tend to settle with a hope that someday it would really happen?

While I am trying to find that all elusive piece of mind, I would just like to ask if its normal to get all jittery like the way I am getting or do I just need a dose of optimistic medication?

I miss you School and now College L
Wish I Could Go Back in Time cause if I Could, Hell Definitely I Would!

Peace! <3

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Its so weird how you go back in time when you listen to a song, you once used to listen to, after a really long time. You go back to the day when you first heard it, you can feel exactly how you felt that time, can picture yourself just the way you were that moment.
You can sense the same weather, the same breath the very same air……………

If only memories could leave us with the same convenience as people do..
How I am always taken aback, when I think of how a human brain cannot beat any professional camera. It stores all the pictures with the best possible clarity.

How good memories always take over the bad ones, making it difficult to get over someone despite  knowing, that the person u want is not worth you.

It amazes me all the more when I see how emotions and feelings for  people fade with time but memories never fade nomatter how many years you put into it…

How big events always mess up  inspite of all the preparations or how joyful it is when you pass in an exam when you had expected that you would fail, how little things give you maximum joy and materialistic things end up disappointing you.

How out of nowhere u see a light when darkness makes you suicidal, how hope gets you what you wanted when you give up, how that person calls you when he/she is the least thought in your mind and never called when you were waiting.

How we all think so alike yet dislike each other…. How we live in an illusion!

How we forget the fact that one day we all are going to dissolve into the same earth when we die without considering any caste,colour,religion or region.

How everything is so simple still we make it complicated by falling for the twists and turns that too, created by us only.
And what is even more appalling is how after 3 months, I will be a graduate and busy working but would  badly wanna come back to this moment when I am so vella blogging, picturising myself sitting idle in my pyjamas… :/

While I am in aturmoil busy solving this riddle called Life, i atleast am sure of one thing and that is……
“Live for the moment cuz we will eventually get what we deserve”

So capture all the special moments because whenever you think of them, they'll always bring a smile to your face! Like dis lil baby! ;)


Saturday, 4 February 2012

LOVE- A Strange Story!

So its FEB or shall I say FAB. It’s the louvee month again!
A time when a dozen of couples will be seen hanging in and around, entry of colors red and pink as if there are no other colors in this world, giving names to each day from chocolate to rose to propose to what not and finally The Valentine’s Day.
Even boys who’re not serious about relationships celebrate this day so religiously. They don’t wish to be seen single or loitering around with a bunch of best soccer buddies with whom they don’t even miss a single football match. That one day when guys don’t preach soccer! :P  Funny yet a True Story!

People who bullshit around “ Iam single but not ready to mingle” dress their best making it quite evident that they don’t mean what they say!
And yes girls are no less! They start dieting a month in advance. After all they’ve got to look their best on V day. ;D
Its strange how strange Love is, that it makes us celebrate the month with the same passion and excitement every year with a different person :P.. Well yes, some do manage to celebrate it with the same person again(They are called Exceptions) :P and they are the people who after getting married end up saying “Shaadi is barbaadi” the most. Lol!

What really amazes me is, how people fall in Love not once, twice, thrice and as u know the number goes on. But the strange fact is, we are head over heels everytime we are with someone and we feel that this is it, he/she is the one even if that person doesn’t fit in the description of the guy/girl of our dreams.

Even if we feel we are not in love, breakup does it all or rather if your guy/girl has moved on. Ohh boy, you’re gone, Doomed. You’ll stalk that person, make his/her life miserable, send guilt messages, try to win him/her back. Yes everyone does it.
And the funny part is once you start getting attention from another new hottie, your love suddenly shifts.
So do your statements about your ex like He who?? Cheee r u mad? I wasn’t serious yar.  If by chance you get to see their pics, its like all their faults attract you which once upon a time were hidden. You start finding them ugly looking. From “Ooo he’s so lovable”, it becomes “Yuck how did I even like him”??? “This jerk ,shitt god dyam it, I cried for him”??? “What on earth was I thinking”?? or “Was I even thinking”??? Lol!

What is love??? It seems nobody on this planet can describe it properly. Me neither!

But to put it in words, Love too, is not perfect as it has its pros and cons.
It makes you insecure, a jealous stalker. It makes you cry, get angry, FAT in depression, irritable, dull, shoots up your blood pressure and then plays around making it very low and all the bad things you can think of.
But at the same time, its beautiful as it levitates your body’s soul, makes you smile for no reason, you blush when you think about that person, makes you do things you’ve never done before, makes you sweet and calm,  and most of all it makes you HAPPY!


So, people out there don’t run away from it cuz it will happen to you sometime or the other not once, twice but many times. So lets just enjoy it as long as we can cuz ‘Life is too short’ and we cannot afford to miss out on the most precious thing.


Thursday, 12 January 2012


Lost in those days when she had no responsibilities in life, Sam remembered the days when her ambition in life was to become a doctor which then later switched over to becoming an engineer by getting into IIT.
Funny how taking up science in the 11th grade made her realise that engineering is also just another entry in the list of her ever so changing ambition.
Her flickering mind left her in despair and sheer confusion as to what she wants to do in life.
Not knowing what is in her pocket, she decides to give the entrance’s for all types of categories.
Well yes, this smart little decision of spreading her hands everywhere atleast got her through one of the best fashion colleges.
Four years somehow passed in laughter and Sam now is in the same position where she was a while back just that the situation is a little bit different.

Her heart pounding fast with blood circulating at the speed of light, fists so tight and feeling hot even when the temperature outside was 3 degrees. Yes, it was the coldest day of the month. The CRD(corporate relations department) guy called out her name and asked, if she was ready for the interview. The job profile seemed real nice and above all, her dream place Mumbai was where the office was located.
Although her confidence touched the sky as she was so sure that she’ll get through but being human, she had the normal grumbling in her stomach. She went inside the room, all set for being grilled inside and went through the same regular process.
A positive feedback and being told that she’s through by getting a final confirmation the next day was the reason of her pre celebration.

GUESS WHAT, the next day came as a SHOCKER for her. She got to know that she’s not selected for the company. She froze as her mood swayed making a graph ranging from confusion, anxiety, sorrow and anger. She didn’t know what to do with tears falling nonstop, whether she should congratulate her close friend who got through and be a part of her joy or grieve her own loss.
Although she now knew one thing for sure:-

                                   ‘You will never know until it happens with you’.

Sam now empathises with all those people whom she never even gave the slightest thought. She knows how it feels to not get something you badly wanted even when you are capable of it.
At the very same time, she is happy to realise how it feels because the fighter inside her screams out loud that this is not the end of the world as ‘SOMETHING BETTER IS IN STORE FOR YOU’.

Sam will not give up and so won't u!