Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Dear Lord, hear my request,
Whilst I put forth my plea.
Let remain this year a quest,
Do not just let it be.
Now cometh the new year,
Bad memories not to be embraced.
Give me thou the strength not fear,
To forget the incidents I faced.
I wish to give up on him,
Who didn’t love me back.
The friend that kept me at the brim,
Nomore be in my life’s sack.
Welcome the year with a fresh start,
Cometh the time for those who love.
And so shall I have a clean heart,
When push came to shove.
Let pain be gone so far away,
As I will be moving past.
Not a fraction to wander as I can slay,
I just want to have a blast.
Free the robe tied around the neck,
I do not wish to cry,
To this year I come to give a peck,
As I kiss you Goodbye!

Countdown begins! New year just around the corner!

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Unknown Famous!

And there she was standing amidst the crowd holding a trophie.
Seeing people all around flashing big smiles and holding cards which read “We love you Sara”.
She was just about to start off with her thankyou speech as the host stopped her to say something. She could only see his lips move but couldn’t hear a word despite concentrating hard on what he was trying to say and shook her head.

The head shake was of no use apart from the realisation that it was just a Dream!!
Everyday Sara would wake up with the same dream and a flushed look on her face with sweat trinkiling down her forehead. She would not share it with anyone except her best friend Leena.

Sara was very passionate about writing songs and ghazals and since she lived in an orphanage, she wrote songs and poetry on her school which were sung by the kids on various occasions.

She would watch all award shows and her happiness used to be in no limits when Naved Bhaktar used to receive the best lyricist award. No one knew why she would get so happy seeing him with a trophie. Some people even laughed at her and called her crazy. After all, he was just a lyricist not a superstar.

Then one day she received the most shocking news of her life. Her orphan friends ran to her with the newspaper which read “ Naved Bhaktar died in a car accident”. Unable to bear the shock, she fainted and the next day she was found dead.
The reason of her suicide was unknown to everyone till one day Leena, finally decided to create an email account and sat on the computer used by Sara. As she clicked on yahoo mail, Sara’s account got opened. Just when Leena was about to sign out from Sara’s account, something caught her eye. She saw that Sara had received endless number of mails from Naved Bhaktar saying “Thankyou, you have made my day Sara”. She scrolled down to her sent items, to see what Sara used to send which made him so thankful to her. She discovered that Sara used to send him lyrics of various songs. Songs which were so famous.
All along Naved used to receive awards but the real lyricist was Sara.
She was amazed how a deaf girl like Sara would write beautiful songs without even hearing either of them.
Now she knew why Sara used to wake up everyday with the same dream, why she was so happy whenever Naved received awards and why she committed suicide after seeing Naved dead cuz it was all her work, she lost the main reason for her happiness, the appreciation by the audience.

This is what happens when one relies upon the other person. Your happiness lies within you. If you’ve got talent, show it yourself and not through others else you will die Unfamous!!
Loads Of Love!