Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Talk Of The Town!

Just turned on the TV and every channel I flipped through, has just one person all over. Guess who?? Ofcourse the talk of the town, Anna Hazare…As if forward messages were not enough. ;p No doubt the man certainly deserves some good amount of appreciation. After all, he is following the Gandhian principle, how can he not be supported?? Especially when he is following the footsteps of our father of nation because of whom our country is so called “Free”.. :p

Seeing the widespread support received by the campaign for the Jan Lokpal Bill, I see a good cause being raised. India will shoot up to become a developed country if the black money will be brought back. Going by the exact figures, 1456 lac crores is a lump sum amount isn’t it??? I see well being and a tremendous rise in the financial graph.

But the question that is constantly running through my head seeing the hypocritical people is, are these supporters really up for the movement or are they just blowing smoke???

I mean no offence to anyone though, since it’s a very sensitive topic but my mind waver having been brought up in an environment where parents fulfill their kids wishes by paying an extra penny. Not that their kids wishes couldn’t have been fulfilled by the exact amount of payment, but u know how parents are?? Their heart's melt and so they don’t take any risk as far as their kids are concerned . Leave that, we as kids get our projects made, bribe our college peons for attendance issue, bribe guards and servants to not complain about us and keep our secrets. However silly that might sound but the discerning truth is that yes, it is all a part of corruption. We ourselves, are all corrupted.
Infact how far is it true that Anna himself is clean?? (Oooops! no offence people i repeat!) :p But seriously has he always followed the right path?? Who knows!
So how are we standing today shouting out loud to stop it when we are the only ones responsible for its origination.

Are the people who are very conveniently trying to voice “Anna’s”  opinion by strongly supporting him aware, that when their past records will be taken into consideration, they might be the toppers of the list having the names of the corrupted people?
Will they be the same people who are screaming out loud anti corruption slogans then,whose truth is yet to be unfolded??? Are we ready to give up on everything and start with a scratch??

Phewww! My questions are neverending…
Iam  just a curious little girl and a member of the society who is juggling with her thoughts  but is  sure about the positive outcomes that the cause will obtain…

Peace Out

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Holaaa!! :)
After a really long time iam  finally getting to blog… Courtesy,  WORK! Lol
Never really thought it would make me that busy or rather  I would make myself that busy considering how lazy iam.. :P

If i am asked to describe the past few months of my life, I would say, “Do u want me to write a book on it”?? Yes its really long but just in few words, it would be, surprising, shocking, hectic, exhaustive, stressful, heartbreaking and learning. But one thing that totally subsides them all is FUN. After all the whining and sulking about the work pressure and yearning for Sundays upto the extent that I had even started typing Sunday on all my login passwords,I know crazy it sounds but it is the truth, I was outta my mind and all I wanted was a good sleep.

But as it is said, “ as you sow so shall you reap” and so my hard work finally paid off. Now I wouldn’t wanna list down my achievements down here but yes Appreciation is what everyone wishes for and that was my biggest Achievement. Besides if you have awesome bosses and colleagues, its like a cherry on the cake. :D

Never thought that a five day sojourn would make me turn over a new leaf.  I don’t run away from work anymore. I know going by my last blog I would sound like the biggest hypocrite alive but I didn’t mention EXCEPTIONS!! Did i?? :P(Grin)
No seriously, back then I was scared infact, shit scaredddd but that was only until work was not fun.. And now that I had just begun to settle down with my new life, there comes the alarm, WAKE UP TIME!! Come back to college. Errrr! Are you serious???
College after 8 long months….i don’t understand why am I getting cold feet when all these months all I wanted was that college should get started asap.. :((
Its Departure time now and i have to get ready to board the next  chapter. Goodbye has always been so hard for me and yet again unwillingly I have to bid goodbye. And for a matter of fact, whats so good about goodbyes?? It always hurts.. hmph! 
So, friends I would suggest never settle down for anything because every event is just a chapter of your life’s book. Nomatter how beautiful it might be, it always ends, as the coming new chapters are far more better and the closure is the BEST! 
Before I end this , i would like to thank everyone who has ever been a part of my life. If you wouldn't have been there, my chapters would have fallen short of one color and it wouldn't have been that beautiful.
So all the best to everyone in all your future endeavours…