Monday, 27 June 2011

F for Future…What else did you think?

Seeing the amount of modifications and remixes happening these days its not shocking to come across the Alphabet song which goes like A for A#ss, B for B*st^&d, C for Ch*t….and so onn…

If I go back and rewind my life by 10 years, I will exactly be half my age..10 year old to be precise, studying in the fifth grade and at this point of time in the month of june, probably struggling with the completion of my projects.. Yes now I realize they were all useless. I don’t remember a project which proved to be beneficial to me..
I could have utilized my time  in other stuff rather than wasting on my summer homework.. Anyway by- gones!

But what is hard to believe is back then when I would have been asked by my teacher, name the first word which strikes your head when I say F, I would have said Fish but now if I will be asked the same thing, then hell obviously it would be F*#k..
Not because it’s a normal slang these days and yes people say it to sound COOL too, but because its stuck to my head and mouth.
Today even a little kid of age 8 knows this word. With every new generation things change. Just like our parents get surprised seeing the pace at which we change our boyfriends and girlfriends, we too get surprised how kids  in school now have a blackberry and what all dirty things they get involved into. I mean this is so bloody unfair!!! I got my first cell phone in the 11th grade only because I scored above 80% in boards(that was the condition put infront of me).. And I see my cousin who is in the 8th grade at the moment having a blackberry already. Dyam I envy him..

This is the new trend and if I revolt against it, I would certainly be the ODD one standing out.
Just like our way of living is unacceptable to our parents, iam sure the very same way our parent’s behaviour must have annoyed our grandmapa nomatter how many times they say ‘Ki hum apne mummy papa se itna darte the and aisa waise kuch nhi karte the’..(Bullshit)
And its but ofcourse we will say the same things to our kids but the truth is, they will only do what they wanna do like the way we did and what the fashion speaks during that time.
The challenge lies within us, how we can skillfully convince someone to mend his/her ways if we think they’re going wrong.
Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong just like we knew or our parents knew but we still deliberately made or make mistakes.
What is important is, that if we don’t make mistakes then we would never know what is wrong and if we don’t get to know what’s wrong then we would never strive to work for the better. Hence its important to make mistakes!
So those parents who are scared about their children’s future then just CHILLAX! Cuz they would eventually know whats right for them. All you have to do is guide them right and support them during their bad/weak moments...


Sunday, 26 June 2011


Three years its been perfect, you and me so charismatic,
Not knowing whats comin next, making things lunatic.
The joy given by your soft touch kisses away with time,
You’r nomore the same Ron, no longer seem mine.
You decided to leave me all of a sudden, I cried and begged,
I lost my conscious and found myself in the hospital bed.
I kept hallucinating you, but you were nowhere,
You’ve started enjoying your new world somewhere.
Eight months had passed by but the gloom was stagnant,
The season didn’t wanna change as if autumn was permanent.
But as its said all good things come to an end.
So that doesn’t mean my story wouldn’t take a bend.
Thereby comes Chuck, my new neighbour.
He seemed cute, so was worth the labour.
Spring ran over autumn and life started to go on smoothly,
He was my new sweetheart and I,  his lovely.
Problems did come ,fights made me numb,
But I bought all his excuses and pretended to act dumb.
I finally gave up on him as I got to know of his crime,
He is not a one woman man, he likes to multi-time.
I was shattered cuz I loved him, leaving him was a pain,
Revenge was my new motive, I couldn’t see myself in vain.
Heartbreak the reason for my paranoia,
I dated several men and gotta a tag “Female Casanova” ;D
I began to enjoy being savage, I still carry the tag along,
All of a sudden Ron comes back, thought he would take lifelong.
He say’s he’s sorry and regrets for hurting me,
Tears rolling down his cheek, nothing was bothering me.
You were everything to me then, my world my Ron,
Ur too late now, haven’t you heard about the new “DON”? ;D


I am amazed how u cajole me by saying we are not different souls,
Even though I know we stand at complete opposite poles.
Your one glimpse makes my heart beat so fast,
That the best pacemaker when in competition stands aghast.
Love is so pure and so divine,
That when it happens, ur eyes glitters with a bright shine.
To me u mean the world nomatter wat I am 2 u,
Ur thoughts keep hovering me, I guess they are stuck with a glue.
Sometyms I wonder, where were u all this while,
But who cares now, u just give me a reason to smile.
I keep imagining what my eyes will see,
When your face will be before me.
Baby I am normal, I may feel insecure,
But these feelings get jolted cuz ur love gives me the strength 2 endure.
When I feel lonely and the pain makes me weep,
U come like an angel and make me fall asleep.
U treat me like a princess, u think iam naïve,
My hand in your hand will surpass every battle, its stronger than a bee hive.

:) <3


Everyone once in a lifetime go through a bad phase. Where everything seems tough and nothing goes your way.

No matter how much u force yourself to think positive, negativity will always win the race coming in the way to muddle your thoughts and pestering your brain.

I always hated my name... y?? cuz first of all its an old fashioned name.. second of all it starts with V, the 22nd letter if u follow the alphabetical order because of which at school I always ended up being the last roll no. or the second last.. How does it matter anyway… Kiddish thought back then. Lol! But its true!
But to give my name a thought the first 3 letters sound Win although its Vin so to hell with the spellings, atleast it makes me feel like a winner and I feel great about it..
Courtesy my college friends who call me vinvin and yes the win win situation ppts…
Or my id who is mainly responsible for the origination of Vinvin.. :P
So you see, how a positive thought can make you feel good..

Expectation is the greatest enemy of all as all you do is keep raising bars and then disappointing yourself in the end. How can you expect someone to do what you want?

And SO, a positive thought really counts even if you think it doesn’t. For instance you don’t have to get bogged down by a heartbreak instead y not having an affair with yourself? I mean who will love you more than yourself? You will exactly treat yourself the way you want to get treated by your partner. Love yourself,support yourself and encourage yourself just the way you would want someone else to do the same.. You will love it, it’s the best feeling. Even if its wrong, who cares as long as you are happy.

Just start loving yourself and you will know it all.
A positive thought will show it all.
Just go and give it a call! ;D

& still if it doesn’t work, then just go watch How I met your mother! It’s the frigging BEST! 

Saturday, 25 June 2011



To begin with,
I don't know y i am doing this but i just know i feel like blogging so here iam... To start with myself.. Iam Vinita Ravi..
A girl who is normal like everyone! By everyone i mean the living category who are called the homosapiens!!!
I believe a blog is a place where you can write just about anything and everything.... But i just write when iam either happy or sad or i come across something strange... And by Everything i do not mean everything especially after facing the consequences of  vomiting every single bit of my life in a diary in the 11th grade...:P
My friends know it...Wohh that was a scene! Phew!
So ya, if you like what you get to read which is written by me then Thankyou but if you don't, then also Thankyou.. Atleast you took the pains to go through it and AS IF I CARE!