Friday, 5 August 2016

Aunty Shutup!

Beta aap shaadi kab karoge?
Aunty aap apna business mind kab karoge?

Dear Aunty,

I really wish to know, how will me getting married benefit you? Oh yes, your ego or let’s say status might hit the graph after all the gloating over your son’s/daughter’s/relatives success. From one thing leading to another, you’re obvious next question will be, when will I have a baby? Cuz oh my god you’re deeply concerned about my biological clock ticking. Followed by admissions of my kids, then their scores, their college, jobs and finally their “Wedding plans”. After your major breakthrough as a societal gossip monger, you will finally be old and die in peace.

So why not have it the other way round? Let me ask you, Errr Aunty Aap Kabh Maroge?

So next time you try and be a shooter, don’t pull off a face when I press the trigger. You’re about to get some grief. Wait, did I just give you a piece to spread the word?  Shush, don’t drop the ball in here!

Guess, who's the gansta in town? <smirks>

Yours Sincerely,
(From all the girls distressed with aunty nuisance)

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Do Re Mi Fa!

And I am... Feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all
And I... will stumble and fall
I'm still learning to love
Just starting to crawl!

Its just amazing how a song can capture all your feelings together and express it in the most beautiful way. 
Braces you up for the most crucial phase of life
Pushing you down to reality
That heavy feeling soon after morning wakes you up with a truckload on your head
The gentle caress when you try and go back to sleep 
Sorting the thoughts rattling in your head 
While messing further, notching up the chaos
Battling Loser vs Winner dilemma
Lost in melancholy despite the unawareness
Sweet consumed ignorant love 
So profound yet demeaning
Buzzing in the head till monotony washes the glue
                                            A charisma giving you the chills
                    Down the memory lane of weather & smell when you first heard it

                                                     What is music?

                             I still don't have a better word for it than BEAUTIFUL
                                                           Do you?

Monday, 18 April 2016

Deluded Seeker!

The delusions she’s been dwelling on,
Wrecking her pool of mental lawn
No escape can she find on her own,
At the world’s dejection being thrown.
Whilst simple life and love she craved,
Backstabbers and abrasive people she faced.
You only come up after being so low,
All that she reaped, she didn’t even sow.
Perhaps mediocrity was not the wallflower’s calling,
Her pitiful state, is no more appalling.
Her constant mulling has shooed people away,
Were once close buddies all lost in a day.
Dark music & tears are ruling on,
Paranoia at first, hysteria is newborn
And when she’s been injected to put into bed
We check her pulse rate, Hold on She’s Dead!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

New Chapter!

With the new year approaching
And the resolutions piling on
I sit back and start thinking
Lost abyss in my dream lawn
How things have gone so right
And mostly went so wrong
Memories rush upon my sight
Sweet bitter and made me strong
Now things cant be undone
Welcomed the unsolicited pain
Goodbyes to all the cries and pun
That drove us all insane
Bye bye to heartbreak warfare
And thanku to difficult times
Hush to sadness & the stare
Its time to ring the chimes
Cheaters cheat & ditchers ditch
The lies hidden by a good actor
Wounds are healed and made a switch
Here begins my New Chapter!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dream Run!

Sometimes out of nowhere your face lits up with glee,
When the angels above decide to come to thee.
Just when you’re about to lose heart & give up,
Walking  past the fear giving you life’s closeup.
Bottled up feelings when love comes along,
Soft tingles everywhere feeling nothing wrong.
Refrain to believe that this could happen again,
Yet again good riddance of fear & pain.
And there he comes to you handful of charm,
Sweeping you off your feet causing you no harm.
Blushingly you dance all day and night long,
Humming sweet rhythms of your favorite song.
And as one says all good things come to an end,
Reality check hits hard upon you my friend.
Sweet memories we’ve made in our hearts forever,
The short span was beautiful with no hatred ever.
Pinning up hopes of joy and truck loads of fun,
Wake up sweety he’s gone,it was just a Dream Run!

Until Next Time, Cheers!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Back To you!


I almost forgot that a part of me who writes exists.... Can't blame but yes working does take a toll on your life....

Even if you're not busy you still do manage to take out half of your day cribbing how much work you've got on your plate... i am actually thinking what to fill into this new post...Strange cuz i didn't need to think before, it came out naturally though... Have i lost my mind?? Have i forgotten how to write?? Have i changed? AND THERE IT COMES, Have i lost MYSELF??? :((

While this nonstop debate between the right & left side of my top floor device called a brain is going on, I call out loud for help from you all... is it normal to feel like this?

For once lets chuck all of this, all the tensions happening in the whole wide world, all the work thats running through every vein of our thinking system, all the taunts that come in our way of growing up, all the gf/bf problems, all the domestic tiffs.. Clear all the roots to frustration and  just be happy.... Don't try and please anyone, Please Yourself.. Fall in love wid youself!

                                                                  Be You!

Its true that you can only come up after you've reached your ultimate low! But why waiting to realise the truth till you reach your lowest, why not now?? Come on, gear up! Pull up your socks and go do what pleases u.....

Go sing that song like crazy in public, laugh like a beast, dance in the rain, listen to your fav song, eat that calorie full cheeseburst pizza, have a bottle of wine, watch that movie, pick up your, phone call that long lost friend of yours, let go of you egos,act like a child even if the world makes fun of you.. Don't care.... Do whatever the hell you wanna do!

                                                    Be you!!!! Cuz happiness is U :))

P.S.-- Although it feels great to blog aftre more than a year but my apologies if it wasn't that great. I promise to come up with a better one next time and pretty soon :)) Writing gives me happiness so im gonna be me :P

Cheers & Kisses!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Its OK!

 And so, I havn’t visited my favourite place of hibernation in a long time now. No confusions and misunderstandings here. Yesss I meant my blog!!

Well lets just say, I was busy. Not true though!
I was travelling. Definitely a lie!
I had too much work… uhmm partially true!
Okay I accept I’ve become too lazy now… Beep beep and the buzzer goes out loud, Yesss you are plain simple LAZY!

To all those people who comment on it and read it, I can’t thank you enough. You are my only source of inspiration to cut off some slack and spend sometime with myself out here.  :*

Soooo, right now I am going through a phase called dealing with life.

To that I may add that all I am learning about it, is that everyday, every experience and every situation is just “OK”.
For instance,
Its OK to get bashed by your boss, you might feel insulted and kicked at the backside and would want to quit your job and swear out loud. But, the next day when you get to see your colleague getting the same sweet doze, the sadistic pleasure calms you down saying its ok to get scolded,  “everyone does”.

Its OK to work 12 hours and not get appreciated or lets say even more than 12 hrs sometimes and yes I like exaggerating many a times for some self pity.
You come across those labours who demand for overtime or stay up all night to work only to get that extra upcharge to feed their families and you realise you’re no match.

Its totally OK, to do something that you didn’t want to do because you still don’t know what you really wanna do. You know what???  Its better than sitting idle and one day you will find out what you really wanna do because by that time, you would have done everything and not left anything to not know.

I don’t want to really rant about the issues in life this moment but yes my learnings boils down to one thing ie “Everyday is a new story, a new chapter and a new start”

Today I learnt or rather I am learning that everything comes down to it being OK and everything you do,  is everything everyone has done in their lives at one point of time or another. So you belong to the sane category and even if you didn’t, it still is OK. :P

Yes, time flies but then there is also a saying that time heals everything so you just need to chill and not take everything so seriously as its just “OK” and later too everything will be “OK”.
Cheers to OKness!